Hi, I'm Kaitlyn — the author and illustrator of Smiling From Ear to Ear.

I’m from Orange County, CA and am a senior at the University of Southern California studying Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation. I have always loved expressing myself creatively through designing: user experiences, consumer products and community programming. For fun I enjoy visiting Disneyland, spending time with friends & family, and playing escape room games.

My goal is to positively impact lives through everything I do in a fun, happy and accessible way. I do this by taking action on current issues through mediums including children’s books, websites, videos, graphics and community organizations.

Personal site: kaitlynchu.com

Hi, I'm Kara — the Editor, Community Outreach Coordinator, and Video Producer for Smiling From Ear to Ear.

I’m from Orange County, CA and am a senior in high school! I love making balloon animals and sparking wonder and joy for those around me. For fun I enjoy filming and editing videos and doing all things Disney.

I want to use my caring spirit and my can-do attitude to make the world a better place. I actively advocate for my community as my school’s ASB President and in my work for the Walk the Farm fundraiser for farmers negatively impacted by natural disasters. I’m super involved in the Japanese American community and social justice, and I hope to teach others about Asian American history and its relevance to society today.

Please contact me to schedule a virtual book reading and balloon time for your children’s group! lovechudesigns@gmail.com

Thank you for supporting our book!