Smiling From
Ear to Ear

Wearing Masks While Having Fun!

“My 4 year old received this picture book as a gift and she loves it. Such a sweet book showing kids all the ways to be joyful while wearing a mask. It addresses being safe, but it keeps it light and fun — the perfect companion to a bigger discussion with young kids about masks.”

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Smiling From Ear to Ear 🐵 🐸

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Smiling From Ear to Ear is a cute, colorful picture book that shows friendly animal characters wearing face masks when they go to the park, the store, the doctor's office and more. It's made with love for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, teachers and anyone who interacts with young children and wants to make wearing face masks less frightening and more normalized for common activities.

By supporting this children's book and its important message, you'll also be supporting the No Kid Hungry Campaign and the Black Women in Visual Art organization, schools, and other organizations serving children and youth.

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